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Tips for working ON and not IN your business

About Attrieve

Who We Are

ATTRIEVE Business Advising Centers is a business technical advising organization wholly centered on helping small and medium sized business.

We are not coaches or counselors, we do not ask how you feel about your business or give you empty validation; we are advisors and often use “tough love” advising which forces you to make decisions to grow, expand and improve your business.

Our Five Areas of Advising Concentration; we call this FABDOM:

  • Finance
  • Administration
  • Business Development
  • Operations
  • Management

What Our Members Get

Weekly Advising Sessions

Weekly one-on-one advising aimed at moving your business forward. Focus is on functions that are  necessary to grow your business. This is the crux of our services.

Endorsed Partner Network

We have a directory of vetted and endorsed partners providing a range of services including: legal, accounting, web design, banking and finance, social media, printing, and many more. Some are recognizable established local institutions.

Resolutions and Referrals Exchanges (R.A.R.E.)

Once a month we host a business owners’ round table. In addition, these sessions have now evolved into referral sessions amongst our clients – business is referred every month.

Quarterly Networking Events

Every quarter we gather our clients, friends, resources partners and others from the business community for strategic networking. We make sure that you have specific persons with whom to network at each event. Sponsored by C-Bank.

Here’s What Our Members Say About Us

“Attrieve has forever changed our company. We have always taken care of the customers, but struggled to make ends meet. We now have added employees, raised our quality standards, and have time for our families. To us they are not just advisors, they are trusted friends who have become part of our family business. Their nominal fee is completely insignificant to the changes we have seen, the most expensive lessons we have learned were from not knowing everything they have helped us with!”

Ryan Biehl, Biehl Brothers Contracting

“My business keeps growing and improving and I’m learning the valuable lesson of how to be a boss and a business owner, and not an employee. Bill is always there with great advice, constructive criticism and actionable items that I can take back to the office and work on to make my business improve. It is amazing how much they take the pain out of certain things that I never thought I’d be able to tackle. I walk out of every meeting feeling confident and successful.”

Allison K., Digital Marketing Company

“Attrieve took my endless to-do list and turned it into an action plan!”

Stacey S., Creative Invites and Events

“The Team at Attrieve is revolutionary! They totally energized my business by refusing to let me fail.”

Bobbie F., The Conscious Quill

Member Pricing

Our standard package is $400 per month for everything you see here. From time to time we offer in-depth Bootcamps and Mastermind meetings open to the public, but our members pay only a small, nominal fee to attend.

A. $400 per month, paid monthly

B. $383 per month, 6 months prepaid ($2300)

C. $375 per month, 1 year prepaid ($4500)


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