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Tips for working ON and not IN your business


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Welcome to our new blog. This will be the forum where we are able to tie in all of our media outlets. This blog is for our members, clients, partners, but anyone can use the information we provide here.

The ultimate goal of Attrieve putting our small business advice out to the world is to see a renaissance of main street business once again as the backbone of the economy.

Feel free to participate in the dialogues created here, add your thoughts and experience and help create a useful forum for all things small business.

You can find out more about Attrieve by clicking the About Us link on the blog, or go to the Attrieve website and get the full story.

Good luck, happy hunting, blah, blah: just get out there and grow your business!


Author: Attrieve - Bill Maltbie

Entrepreneur and recovering COO. Now in my 5th individual venture, I also am a partner in several small tech companies. Attrieve advises small and medium businesses on the daily operations and facets that allow business owners to work ON their businesses and not IN their businesses.

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